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mom & dad on her birthday 3.8.2015

blog post 5.1.2015.

my father died april 1, 2015.  one month today.   my niece is getting married today.

the last six months of his life – my mother’s life,  my life, my siblings lives – were full of uncertainty:  will he begin to bleed and be rushed to the emergency department? will he need platelet transfusions or blood transfusions or both? days that turned into weeks and into months of a life fiercely holding on, and always the uncertainty.

my mother’s life, always organized around his care, his breakfast, lunch, dinner  are now endless, slowly moving hours, minutes, seconds.

i asked her yesterday what she misses most.  “shopping with him.  he drove me wherever i wanted to go.  even wanted to drive me to buy a carton of milk.  i told him i wanted to walk! but now wish he could still drive me.”

she’s cleaned out his shoes and his jackets.  when i suggested it may be too soon, she replied “he’s not coming back, why keep them?”

her life continues.  she’s turned the soil in the garden, raked the yard of old leaves, pruned the grape vine.  chores she always did by herself, as it had been many years since he was able to it with with her.  keeping busy.  keeping her routine.

yesterday, she said “she misses him, but is happy he was well taken care of and had his family with him throughout his illness.  every day someone was there”.   the last month of his life, he refused the hospital food.  she would go home, make him soup, hot dogs(!),  pasta (his favorite) and bring it back.

days before he died, she was there, his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, sisters, brothers and all his in-laws.  he was never alone and we were all there until his very last breath.  this makes her happy.

my niece is getting married today.  my father adored her and when she moved to australia, was sad, but supported her spirit of adventure.  there she met brendan, and her happiness is evident on her face, especially when she looks at him.  today is the first family “festa” (celebration) since my father died and for me, it is full of mixed emotions.  it will be strange to not have him there.  life continues.  we will celebrate.  as my father would have insisted (demanded).


as my father’s life slowly ebbs, each transfusion scheduled closer and closer, i want to honor what he has given me:  the definition of living life with honesty, with integrity, with loyalty.  every decision he made in his life was for the benefit of his family.  he has been a physically strong, very proud and independent man, he now accepts help he needs.  he loved in action not in words.  he valued education. he valued his italian culture.  he influenced and shaped who i am and how i live.  he taught me to learn to do things on my own by researching, asking questions and accepting help.

to the end of a challenging 2014 and am so happy you’re home to begin 2015.  happy new year dad.  i love you.

(photo:  christmas day 2014)


October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month


October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.   October 15th has been pegged as a day of remembrance.   as a volunteer photographer and area coordinator working with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, i have had the privilege to capture for parents the only photographs they will have of their babies.  CNN included the Mosquera family in their […]

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more sweet kisses

jess and jay celebrated their wedding july 19th.  the attention to the details is what makes each wedding so different, unique and beautiful. thank you jess & jay for allowing me to capture this perfect day for you…domenica photography:  domenica comfort photographs  flowers:  westchester floral decorators venue:  amber colonnade                     […]

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A “Pop-Up” Photosession


i am in the city often and love when i come across the “pop-up” stores…  the sample sales that are there for just one day, sometimes if you’re lucky 2.  but it is a spontaneous event. i thought what a great concept to create as a fundraiser for TEAM DANIEL.  100% of donations go directly […]

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a surprise visit


last saturday,  maureen dropped by the studio to share with me great news about her son, brian. he wanted me to know his headshot got him the audition for a broadway production.  she had given brian a giftcertificate for a photosession for new headshots.   i photographed brian this past june at a nearby park as […]

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New Rochelle Art Fest

this weekend, saturday & sunday from 12-5, i will be participating in the New Rochelle Art Fest.  please come by the studio located in pelham, ny (132a fifth avenue) for two wonderful exhibits. in 2000 i traveled to my hometown, Gallo Matese, Province Caserta, Italy and began a photodocumentary of the place i still call […]

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shareed & marlon get married!

on line before doors open shareed & marlon flew in from trinidad monday, 9/10/2013 so they could be married on tuesday morning at city hall. i had spoken to shareed the previous week and immediately knew i had made a friend. he asked me to be their witness. in my family’s tradition that makes us family for life.  trinidad […]

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High School Prom


last night, my son jonathon went to his high school prom.  the venue, glen island casino was the perfect place for a perfect evening.  the boys were very handsome in their tux as were the girls in their beautiful gown the prom pose. i am convinced high school teaches this pose, not sure what class […]

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Natasha Justice Project


yesterday i met natasha and felt an immediate bond. the inaugural charity golf tournament raised money for the natashas justice project at the pelham country club.  please click the link to learn more about this charity.  i was unaware of the backlog of thousands of rape kits and find it unbelievable that a crime could […]

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