Harriet and a Smile

Gathering of the Ambassadors of Smile

The Land of Smile is inside of our hearts.  The road to get there seems long and hard sometimes, but the Land of Smile is plentiful, harmonious, and clean.

You are invited to begin to live from the heart, and become an Ambassador of Smile for yourself and those around you.

It’s quite easy and supremely enjoyable.

Come and find our why!

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21st, 3-5 pm  at

domenica comfort photographs

132 a fifth avenue, pelham ny (914.738.1198)

The Ambassadorial Status is bestowed upon one by resident Artist of Smile, Harriet Kleiner.
Having experienced much of her early years learning and growing in Pelham, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share the joy of her art with you.
Emphasizing person over product, she loves her expanding sea of friendship and enjoys navigating uncharted waters by the light of the stars she meets every day.



  1. what a nice thought. it made me smile…

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