as my father’s life slowly ebbs, each transfusion scheduled closer and closer, i want to honor what he has given me:  the definition of living life with honesty, with integrity, with loyalty.  every decision he made in his life was for the benefit of his family.  he has been a physically strong, very proud and independent man, he now accepts help he needs.  he loved in action not in words.  he valued education. he valued his italian culture.  he influenced and shaped who i am and how i live.  he taught me to learn to do things on my own by researching, asking questions and accepting help.

to the end of a challenging 2014 and am so happy you’re home to begin 2015.  happy new year dad.  i love you.

(photo:  christmas day 2014)




  1. Teresa Leonforte says:

    Domenica, what a beautiful picture…I love it!! Nothing like a daughter’s love for her father!! I am always here should you need me. Aren’t we blessed to be born in such an awesome family!! Love ya, Teresa (zia maddelena)

  2. Angela Cox says:

    Dear Domenica: Clearly you are your father’s daughter and all the attributes you admire in him are so evident in the person you are, in your work and in your loving relationship with him. Thank you for sending this. Angela

  3. Karen and john hearon says:

    Thank you for sharing those personal and deeply felt feelings toward your dad. It is a beautiful thing to have experienced that kind of liove and knowing you as we do…it is important that YOU know that we appreciate your friendship in much the same way. Our best wishes to you as you go through 2015 with your father and your entire family. Thank you again for sharing..we love you…Karen and john

    • thank you karen & john. it is a blessing to have friends like you and am grateful for your thoughts and love. wishing you the best for 2015! I love you too. xoxo

      Sent from my iPhone domenica 914-557-7278


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