different subjects

i am trying something new (well, flowers aren’t new, are they?!) and this is a projected i have been wanting to start, but keep getting stuck in the “how”.  over the summer, i learned that the “how” is not as important as “why”.  my why is that i want to capture the clean crisp light of a Vermeer painting in my portraits.  i immediately created problems:  who will i work with?  will anyone be interested in helping me with this project?  how to coordinate times, schedules, etc etc etc.  i put all that aside and made it simple.  flowers.  cooperative.  didn’t need to worry about schedules or model releases.  very cooperative subjects!  would love to know what you think.  (i can see these as huge prints)
globe_thistle dahlia callalilly









i will be working with people and  if you are interested in being a test model – send me an email (domenica@domenicacomfort.com).  as a thank you, you’ll receive files to share on social media and a print of my favorite.  (a signed model release will be required).

don’t forget to leave a comment… thanks!


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